RAW 04/14/14

Hello Geeks, This past Monday on Raw they dedicated the entire show to the great Ultimate Warrior, who as you all know just recently passed. So, throughout the show they showed some classic matches and some high points of Warriors incredible career, which was completely awesome. They had a few matches which is completely stupid and not to mention really boring (fandango and layla vs Santanio and Emma, as an example). We also got to see the end of the Corporate Kane story line, thanks to Steph who has unleashed the Monster yet again (for a short time anyway). As you all know the Authority has been having lots of problems with the Shield as of lately (since they decided to turn good guys) so in what is the worst ending to Raw in recent memory they decided to have the Shield take on eleven other superstars. To their credit Shield tried to hold their own for a little bit but with that many opponents it was impossible. It wasn’t long before complete chaos erupted and the eleven superstars took out the shield in the middle of the ring. Then when you think it couldn’t get worse for the Shield Evolution comes out (HHH, Batista, and Randy Orton). I understand why they brought Evolution back (HHH loves to be the center of attention) but I wasn’t a big fan of it the first time and highly doubt I will be a fan this time (its going to get old really fast). Next week, I am thinking that Shield will slowly take out all 11 of the superstars and then go for Evolution. REVENGE!

#WAiG #EvilN

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