Andre Johnson Failed Suicide Attempt

Hello Geeks, yesterday we read something that we thought was completely insane and a little bit funny (the guy would probably disagree with us on whether it was humorous or not). We first read on TMZ that a rapper that is affiliated with Wu-Tang Club had been rushed to the hospital early yesterday morning after a failed suicide attempt. Now we are not trying to say that suicide is a funny thing (that is not at all what we are trying to say, suicide is a horrible and sad thing that happens way to often.) but the part that stood out the most to us was that the guy (Christ Bearer aka Andre Johnson) apparently cut off his own penis and then jumped over a balcony onto the side walk below. Now we have no idea what the guy was thinking when he thought “hey I should totally cut off my penis right now.” First, we thought that Johnson had to be on something because who in their right mind would think about doing something like this. His friends say that they were not on any hard drugs, you the kind that would make someone believe that this is a good idea. So if that’s the way he thinks when he is no under the influence of something strong can you imagine what he would do if he was under the influence of hard drugs (it would be a mess). Today TMZ reported that the doctors are not going to be able to reattach the penis. Wonder if he is more suicidal now?

#WAiG #LjN #EvilN #QueenN #MedicN ProperN #ZombieN #LadyN

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